This week I changed what I was gonna do. Now i am going to learn sign language. So far I have learned the ABC’s and the numbers 1-10. My goal here is to learn the basics and colors in sign language. Besides talking to deaf people, if you know sign language there are more opportunities in life. I know it will be funny messing with people who don’t know it and confuse them haha. Sign language is truly a wonderful thing to know/learn. If you know how to do sign language you can do more stuff then other people can, you get a chance to talk to people that normal people can’t. Plus if you and your friends know it you could talk in class haha. It hasn’t been hard to learn it. I have this app that shows me how to do so many at a time, then it quizzes you on it, next it adds more and you quiz again, but after on of the quizzes you have to wait a certain time. The app does that because it reminds you right around when you should forget. I have to wait five days till I can do it again. This app is very effective and works amazingly. I learned the ABC’s in one day! Then i learned the numbers 1-10 the next day. The app is called ASL fingering, I wold recommend this app for anyone who is trying to learn sign language. The last thing that helped me to learn actual words is lifeprint. Well wish me good luck in learning/remembering it all!!