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raise your voice-bulling

Bulling happens lots everywhere everyday and we don’t even know it. Anyone can get bullied from little kids to the elderly. Billing can happen anywhere and now even more places with today’s technology, bulling can happen in public and online. Most people who get bullied wont’t and can’t speak up because they might be afraid that no-one will listen or the people who are bulling them will find out and make it worse. Bulling can happen and you wont even know it because you can have the same group of people or person who contentiously make fun of you and picking on you, that is bulling. Some people who have the courage to speak up tend to think that if they use violence of pick on that person or group of people it will them stop, but really it just makes it worse. If you ever see someone getting bullied don’t be a bystander take action and raise your voice, go tell an adult who can help. People who bully others either think its cool, they are getting bullied their-self or are having a rough bump in there life and don’t know what to do with all there anger. Some people say its stupid to harm yourself and to commit suicide, well you wanna know whats stupid pushing a person the there limit and make them do that;because one day something bad could happen and the person you bullied could of stopped it but you had to push them to there limit and they are no longer with us. People who usually get bullied are the ones who aren’t normal and so on, but the truth is no-one is normal we are all different in our own special ways.Bulling is useless because when you bully someone it just brings them down with you. BULLING IS NOT, WILL NEVER, AND HAS NEVER BEEN OKAY!!


  1. Well done Amber. As you say in your last sentence, bullying is never OK.

    It would have been easier to read, though, if you had written in paragraphs.

  2. I really love your post, you used really nice grammar and you style was great

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