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Genius Hour Week 3

This week I changed what I was gonna do. Now i am going to learn sign language. So far I have learned the ABC’s and the numbers 1-10. My goal here is to learn the basics and colors in sign language. Besides talking to deaf people, if you know sign language there are more opportunities in life. I know it will be funny messing with people who don’t know it and confuse them haha. Sign language is truly a wonderful thing to know/learn. If you know how to do sign language you can do more stuff then other people can, you get a chance to talk to people that normal people can’t. Plus if you and your friends know it you could talk in class haha. It hasn’t been hard to learn it. I have this app that shows me how to do so many at a time, then it quizzes you on it, next it adds more and you quiz again, but after on of the quizzes you have to wait a certain time. The app does that because it reminds you right around when you should forget. I have to wait five days till I can do it again. This app is very effective and works amazingly. I learned the ABC’s in one day! Then i learned the numbers 1-10 the next day. The app is called ASL fingering, I wold recommend this app for anyone who is trying to learn sign language. The last thing that helped me to learn actual words is lifeprint. Well wish me good luck in learning/remembering it all!!

Genius Hour Week 2

56359So far I have made some brownie cookies, a heavenly cake, cinnamon roll donut fries with asparagus and bacon. This week I am going to make a breakfast bowl with a funnel cake. The breakfast bowl will include: sausage, eggs,  hash browns, along with a side of waffles. The site we are using for this recipe is For the next few weeks I plan to make smiley fries, a mango and pineapple smoothie, hot dog and potato dinner, pizza cup cakes with 4 ingredient pizza bake, and the last week I will make dog cupcakes and bring it for the class to try.

The brownie cookies were just brownies with cookie on top. When I was making the cookie dough the butter wasn’t melted enough so I decided to microwave it…which ended up melting the chocolate chips because I forgot about them. Even though instead of chocolate chip cookie on top it was a chocolate cookie!! The good part is that it tasted good.

For the heavenly cake it was made with no mistakes. It was vanilla with chocolate frosting, then I got bored so I decided to make another one that was lemon with white frosting.

With the asparagus with bacon and cinnamon roll donut fries I made the asparagus with bacon first and cooked the extra asparagus. Once I ate those I started making the cinnamon roll donut fries and finished around a hour and a half.

This week with making the breakfast bowl and funnel cake will be a completely new thing to me so wish me luck!! (if im lucky it will be eatable haha…)

College Visit

Yesterday I went to Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg for the first time. From what I’ve read this college is mostly about mechanics and engineering. It took about 1 hour and 47 minutes to drive one way. The buses we rode to get there was a charter bus, it had wifi and outlets for our phones. The whole 8th grade got split up into 6 colleges. These colleges were picked for us from a survey we took about what career fits your characteristics the most. Not everyone enjoyed or were excited about the college they went to because that wasn’t the type of stuff they wanted to do when they were older.

For myself I would say I really enjoyed the college I went to because I want to do mechanics and engineering when i’m older for my career. The college wasn’t completely about engineering and mechanics because there was a baking class too and some other class that was like child behavior i’m not completely sure. Iowa Lakes is a community college so it doesn’t have a very big campus. When I go to college I want to go to a community college for my first years to get use to college life, then I want to go to a big university if I don’t enjoy the community college that much.  When we were walking around we got to watch ad interact with the child class thing and the cooking. In the cooking one we had fruit pizzas with cookies fruit and some frosting I think. I love going on these college visits because it opens up more opportunities to find the type/kind of college I like best. This is now one of the colleges I will have as an option after high school. images

Genius Hour Week 1

This week we started genius hour and I will be doing baking/cooking from scratch. Every week I will cook one thing, from desserts to meals. This topic is importance because I will figure out how to properly use kitchen tools, properly measure liquids and solids, and make my own things from scratch maybe even make my own secret recipes. Also I will practice changing to portion size, from bigger to smaller then the original recipe. Of course with making all this stuff I will need to know how to work it, like to know when its off preheat so I can put it in. During the cooking I will learn to use the right spices for certain foods. As well I will need to know how to find the size of the pan and what size to use for different foods, especially when i change the foods portion size.

To figure out if I have reached my goal or not I will let peers/classmates try one thing I’ve baked after these 9 weeks are over, but I will have my family try the other things I plan to make. I will post one a week including what I’ve made (what it is), the ingredients, how long it took, how it tastes and the progress I’ve made. During these next few weeks I will make a dessert every other week and the meal foods on the other weeks. Being able to cook from scratch is a wonderful skill to have in life, it saves you money, lets you be creative, And you can make how much you want! The website i will be using to find all my recipes is called allrecipies. The first thing I will make is a dessert, I’ll make sure to keep you updated and you can comment if you have any ideas or requests!!


This summer me and my family are planning to go to Black Hills National Forrest for at least a week possibly more. We all decided this would be a good place to go because: one-none of us have been there before, two-it’s a beautiful place with lots of wildlife, and three-none of us kids gone to a national park. We would of gone during spring break but we wanted to trip to be longer so we would have more time to enjoy it.

picture made by:

picture made by:

Usually we always go on one or two big trips way out of state and then we just do little trips usually around/ in the state. Even though we always to these little wildlife trips there are always the mall trips to go shop for tons of clothes and stuff. This year i want to try and convince them to go to six flags or at least me and my cousin because my brother and sister don’t like roller coasters, especially scary ones.

Even though my grandparents are the ones we do all these trips with I want to move back in with my mom which is most likely out of town. Trips are always fun but hanging with friends or just small family times like watching a movie or having a cookout with friends and family.Summer is usually exciting for me with all the trips but usually I need a little Netflix time to myself.

So Long, Farewell

In my blog I have a total of 8 posts , well 9 counting this one. I haven’t wrote any posts that are in my interest of writing and i haven’t wrote any that are school related either. I have received a total of 8 comments in all and the post that received the most was the post about ‘our food’. I think the reason that post had the most comments was because i wrote extra information about it like how much money we spent on fast food a year and other facts most people didn’t know about.The post i liked writing about the most was ‘our food’ because while i was writing it i learned some new things myself i have never thought of. I never did or made a blogroll. I didn’t really use anything to decorate my blog i just went through themes to find the on I liked the most.

When I went to my conferences my teacher told my grandparents that we were doing a blog, so when we got home I showed them my blog and they read through it all and they told me what i could do to make it better. They said that I should watch my spelling (which i kinda agree on), they said they loved the pictures and they made my blog look not so boring (and i also agree on that).

I just want to thank everyone who has commented on my blogs and everyone who read them and the people that told me what i could do to make my blog better.

So long and farewell

Blogs I Commented On

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Nathan is a 12 year old boy from Canada .  His post was about what kind of super power he would want to have and i likes that he gave reasons why. Visit his post at

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Every one here has done a good job on their wording and ideas. Good luck to them all and their future posts

World Of Nature

Nature is beautiful in many different ways from the plants, to the animals, to the galaxies far far away, to the rocks and fossils. Without nature we wouldn’t have most tourists sights, nothing could live, and the world wouldn’t be as bright, fun, and cheerful.

My favorite parts about nature are the plants and animals. When i was little me and my parents would go play hide and go seek in our woods. Whenever it was time for me to hide i would go into a tree and wait there quietly, every now and then i would see animals like deer, foxes, birds, and owls.

Without plants we wouldn’t have the oxygen we needed to survive, without animals the plants would grow like crazy and take everything over, and without fossils we wouldn’t know what existed before us  or what things back then looked like.

Peoples biggest fear should be that in the future mankind will take over everything in nature and nature will be rare to find. Most people don’t even think of this because they don’t know what they have until its gone. Without nature nothing would exist and people need to appreciate what they have before its gone.

Sometimes I feel like nature would be better without the human race involved because for us to upgrade our technology  we hurt nature even more. Nature is the root to life everywhere and mankind is destroying it so we can make more man-made things.

Nature can be unpredictable but all the plants and animals can adjust where they live and us humans cannot adjust to there surrounding as well. Since we live off of made made things tornado’s, twisters, floods, and hurricanes affect us to a great amount and we have to start from scratch. Animals can move to a new place easy because they don’t have any man made thing or a whole bunch of stuff they need to move, that is why animals can survive longer.

Nature is a beautiful place and everyone need to try to save it before its gone forever.

image by

image by

image by nature landscape

image by nature landscape

Our Food

Food that is popular is is pretty much all fast food. Fast food is cheep, good, and of course fast. Some fast food places are Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and so much more. I think there is many fast food places because why have so many places that are almost the same when we could have a few places having them be all different. My favorite fast food places are Wendy’s, Subway, and Mc Donald’s

The average person in america spends $1,200 on fast food each year. Instead of buying fating fast food we could use that money to help end world hunger. People don’t think about it but when you waste food because you don’t like it there is someone begging for food and would eat anything they get, there are people out there who go through trash to find whatever food they can eat if its rotten or not. People almost never realize how special they are to have food in there mouths.

One of the reasons why people are getting obese is because unhealthy and fating food are cheaper that the healthy food. My family eats organic food, we either grow it or we buy it from a special store. Every now and then they’ll let us eat fast food because its good but they don’t let us eat it more than once a week. Organic food is even more expensive than normal healthy food because it doesn’t have all the pesticides and gmo’s that regular food has. It has been proven that some caners can come from food you eat.

image by

image by

Favorite Time With My Family

My favorite time with my family was two years ago on the forth of July when everyone went to my uncles house. My uncle lives out in the country with a gigantic property with a creek but there wasn’t a house there so he had to build his own and he also built jumps for his four wheeler’s and dirt bikes.

When everyone got to his house we all helped unload everyone else’s four wheeler’s, grabbed are helmets and started racing each other. A few hours later we rode on the path so much that it got all muddy so everyone started to go slow but me and my cousin got bored so we zoomed past everyone and got them all muddy. After we did that everyone started driving like crazy trying to get everyone muddy and we were all having a blast.

Later that day we had to get off and wash up so we could eat, once we were done eating we got back on the four wheeler’s and jumped with them for a few hours, then we started getting each other muddy again. Once it got dark we washed up for the last time and started relaxing and making s’mores while the adults started setting up the fireworks.

Once the fireworks were set up we blew the fire out and all sat down. The fire works were so much bigger than normal because we were closer. After a few of the fireworks we got out the sparklers, fire crackers and started the fire again to make even more s’mores while all the adults loaded there stuff.

When the fire works were over we blew out the fire again, made sure we had everything and everyone then we all left. Once we got home it was around twelve at night so, once we all grabbed are stuff, brought it inside, put it away, and washed up, we went to sleep.

photo by atv binmek

photo by atv binmek

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